Warranty Information for Mills Woodworking’s Custom Cabinet Wood Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Millwork Components

Mills Woodworking warrants that all cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and millwork components will be free from warpage, delamination, swelling, or twisting for a period of five years from the date of delivery, when given reasonable treatment. Damage or failure of our products due to situations of improper care, use, handling, or installation, or environmental conditions or circumstances out of our control, are not covered by this limited warranty.

We highly recommend that you inspect all goods upon delivery and if any items appear to be damaged or defective, you must have the delivery driver note such information in detail on the bill of lading and sign the report with his/her contact information. All damaged or defective products, or incomplete orders, must be reported to Mills Woodworking within 24 hours of receipt of the products. We reserve the right to request digital photos of the products in question.

Reasonable treatment means that all products provided to you by Mills Woodworking must:

  • Be stored in areas not subject to abnormal heat, cold, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight.
  • Not be stored in freshly plastered buildings or damp and humid open areas.
  • Not be subject to impairment of structural strength when fitting or applying hardware.
  • Be finished on front, back, top, bottom, and sides with an equal amount of finish, as soon as possible, to prevent unequal absorption or release of moisture.
  • Not be located in any area in which temperatures will exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended to use a filler between all heat sources and the cabinet.

Any custom door, drawer front, or millwork component claimed to be defective must be returned to Mills Woodworking for inspection. Defective products will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Mills Woodworking. F.O.B.

Mills Woodworking will not be held responsible for project delays that result from damaged or defective products.